2024 March Front & Back of My Next Album Cover

I discovered mixing acrylic ink directly into clear elmer's glue, mixing thoroughly then applying by squirt bottle, and discovered the water-repellent properties of industrial strength crayon. New toys, I'm happy, stupidbursting, just typefucked it up


2024 March Return of Clear Elmer’s Glue; Too, Introducing Crayon



2024 February 27

New category, My Whiteyelloworangepinkaddiction

I know what I want to do with the wordpress pOj and this pOj once my annual subscription of wordpress expires but am at my normal stage of feeling foolish about it all plus my fear of fucking up this pOj when I change the theme if in fact I want a white background though I like the red and would like one of each but that would mean two and two reduced to one major reason for quitting wordpress, this part of the normal feeling foolish stage, jeffool

Also too:


2024 February 24


Right eye above, left below. Break your whiteyelloworangepink addiction, Jeff


2024 February 12

Front-side of a back-to-back, back-side of the back-to-back. Front-side I'm not touching again, back-side might get six or seven more revisions. These are 9X12. Fountain pen ink not used (though it looks like was). Thick white gouache wash changed my life. Back-side, or, Today's Trail Blaze. Abandon, jeff


2024 January 27

This done late Spring-early Summer, the white is actually Eucerin Exzema Relief Cream that accidently snorted from a clogged nozzle on a 6x6 hot press block after a first start night before with gouache, the Eucerin Exzema Relief Cream took five months to dry and then I filed the canvas on a shelf meaning to scan it and rediscovered it today, this is why *this* shitty blog exists now that I'm destroying things but especially at the increasingly scary rate I'm losing things. I don't plan on using Eucerin Exzema Relief Cream on canvases not made of my skin again so I'm not going to make a category tag for it and will try not to make an allegory of it



Trend chalk pious done
Not a poet in general
but especially
not a disaster
poet lavishly painting
gruesome evidence
flowerfully stab
by enraged stab by happy
flowered enraged stab
Not a poet in
general but especially
of quiet though I
try and rereading
know I'm a better disaster
poet trend chald pious done


2021 April 19


My first thought: shitlords' proposal to destroy every nation's traditional football pyramid a canary in distress our shitlords suffering a liquidity issue
esarhparap I ,skeew eerht ni x doorb adacic ekil smug gnilaeh eht fo tuo sevlesmeht krow lliw enob fo stib llams dias noegrus laro eht ekil tsuj :thguoht dnoces yM
My third thought: shitlord don't care, this opening offer on next contract of Fuck You
taht od reve dluow I taht ton ,etorw I tahw rebmemer ot ti decudorp taht margorp eht otni ti etsap nac I nwod-edispu eht ni etirw i tahw tegrof I nehw :hguoht htruof yM
My fifth thought: I do not understand why many humans cannot hold in their head that covid is a dangerous disease AND our shitlords see it as the greatest opportunity in decades to expand, extend, and normalize shitlord rule
evah thgim I emit tsal eht fo yad a sulp gnol sa tsael ta ro niaga reven dna ecno gag siht esu :thguoht htxis yM
My seventh thought: shitlords solve these problem like these shitlords you just don't root for the shell company in the Bahamas like scoursers generationally invested in Liverpool
emit txen eht litnu emit tsal eht ecnis noitcudorp htiw reippah neeb reven evah I :thguoht hthgie yM
My ninth thought: shitlords know they're done, the game to be last shitlord standing after they've killed billions of you, thanks to covid their actuaries and futurists and accountants and knead better date whose first cullworthy, second, third, so on, tiers of your usefulness as labor or garbage far more accurate and, this is important, I will be digitally stimulated to look up to my next tier and down at my lesser tier via ever more sophisticated invisible fencing by the best propaganda specialists and idiot savant algorithm scripters shitlord money can buy
lrightraE htiw ekih si od ot tnaw I llA :thguoht htnet yM


2021 January 25

abutI am vaininfuck fucksnormal
wallsuddenlyenoughhaikumecapturedI caught myself praising the Nationals GM for off-season moves